I'll be posting the bios of the main/significant characters as they appear in the comic. Keep an eye out for more!

Birthday: January 4th
Age: 17
Race: Sheikah/Hylian
Title: The Awkward Hero
A young new sheikah who just turned of age, Fayte's our shiny little protagonist in the making. His parents died when he was a baby and he's since been raised by Lorria. He's almost perpetually cheerful, when he's not terrified for his life somehow. He does scare pretty easy. And he's kind of accident-prone. Huh. Doesn't really sound like he's meant for this adventure stuff.
But don't worry, he's good at something. He is a great diplomat who is willing to talk any situation out, and he's pretty good at doing it too. And he's a big reader so he actually is fairly smart. Fairly.

Birthday: July 13th
Age: 23
Race: Zora
Title: The (randomly) Violent Money-Grabber
Koro. I Really wish there was some way to sum him up. It's hard, but here goes. He wants money. A lot of it. All the time. And he will beat the snot out of you if you get in between him his shinies. He might beat the snot out of you anyway, he is greatly amused by committing random acts of violence against others (especially Fayte). Which makes him dangerous to be alone with. He does have a great sense of direction though, and has a protective affinity for animals (that he seems to think he is capable of talking with, and since no one can really prove otherwise they just go with it). Although they are too ridiculous for anyone but him to understand, he does have his reasons for his horrible behaviour, thankfully, or he'd be one payday away from being a villain. But I think everyone can agree that if this is how he treats "friends", you don't want to be on his bad side.
Oh. And he hates his brother. PASSIONATELY. More than anything. Look out.

Birthday: November 9th
Age: 28
Race: Zora
Title: The Grumpy Older Brother
Poor poor Kalim... The fact that he's Koro's older brother is enough to make him the most pitiable character there is. Since his mother died when he was young and their father has never been around, Kalim was left to take care of 6 toddlers, Koro included. So no sooner than his 9th birthday, he has been struggling to take care of all his younger siblings, and Koro has made a point of making this time the worst years of Kalim's life. Thanks to having next to no free time, he's a miserable sort, but at the same time he's very loyal and dedicated to his work. He is, after all, one of the Zora King's royal guards. This makes him pretty proficient in hand-to-hand combat.
He's actually one of the best fighters in Zora's Domain, but his attitude toward his brother tends to get in the way of him doing the best he can. He harbours a lot of bitterness and has a bit of a short fuse and cold attitude. He hasn't had anything to smile about for years, afterall, can you blame him? Of course you can. But I don't.

Birthday: December 30th
Age: 29
Race: Sheikah
Title: The Serious Mentor
Pyrith is pretty stone-faced. Just look at him. Intense. But he's not as mean as he looks.... generally. When he became a full fledged sheikah, he leapt up the ranks quite quickly due to his skills in battle and knowledge of the landscape. This allowed him to gain a lot of renown among other sheikah as the level to aspire to, and it earned him the most honoured position a sheikah gets: the guardian of the princess herself. He does a very good job of it too, especially considering how often she tries to sneak out of the castle. His work tends to wear him down, making him all the more serious to the point he can scare people. But he does have a certain cheerfulness about him when he's helping aspiring sheikah get on their feet in the world, or when spending time with his wife and daughter.

Birthday: February 16th
Age: 15
Race: Hylian
Title: Rebellious Princess
Tyra is... Well... The princess. But she doesn't take to the life of a noble very cooperatively. She tends to prefer being outdoors running around than sitting in a meeting. Which, I must add, ticks her off greatly because she gets really restless (hence that scowl when she first appears) and she'll do just about anything to avoid being stuck in one place. She has a lot of sarcasm but when things don't fully go her way she can get a little... childish. But all around she's not a bad person, just a little immature.
And fact of the day? Her full name is Zelda Tyrannia Daphnes. But she thinks her full name is annoying to say and Zelda sounds too formal so she just goes by "Tyra" to most.

Birthday: April 5th
Age: 35
Race: Sheikah
Title: The Mother
Lorria is best described as well... The motherly figure. The sweetest single-mom there is, she has spent the last 15 years or so raising our main character, Fayte. She was the closest friend to his parents and gladly took Fayte in after they died. She's very polite and kind, although she tends to be very shy. This leads her to be very good at keeping secrets though, so she's the woman to talk to if you ever need one kept.
As a fun little fact, her greatest sheikah skill is as a bard and she is a very talented dancer. And she can cook a real mean stew.

Birthday: March 1st
Age: 6
Race: Cucco
Title: Guilt-Tripper
Clucky is probably the closest thing Koro has to a friend at the beginning of the journey. She's been a constant source of entertainment for Koro ever since she bit Kalim hard enough to draw blood. Koro would never admit she's a girl though. Afterall, Clucky is too cool to be a girl. Aside from that bite though, she doesn't do much that Koro really likes. She follows him around and has a really intense blank stare that she gives just about everybody and it tends to guilt Koro into doing the nicest thing he can comprehend. So yeah.... she's a guilt tripper but a spunky little thing all the same. And she's kind of a ditz. And her favourite food is greenbeans. In case you were curious.

Birthday: November 19th
Age: 35
Race: Gerudo
Title: The "Big Bad"
Everyone knows when there's a gerudo in the mix, it's generally bad news. Sadly to say, Yavanti's no exception. She's been queen for the majority of her life, since the previous male ruler of their race died and a new heir had not yet been born. She's to rule until that time comes.
First and foremost, she's a very vain individual. She's got no problem dressing less conservatively than her fellow gerudo since she can pull it off, and likes to dress with a certain level of glamour (which she usually gets by wearing plenty of gold or jewelery). She believes she's the most powerful of her people and while she may be right, she's also aware there is a lot out there that could get in her way. And thus, she's driven often by the need to not only gain more power for herself, but to find a way to hold sway over others who have the power she lacks. She can be very impatient but she is well spoken and can keep a calm tone easily.